About Me

Hi! I'm Jenny Nelson.

My name is Jenny Nelson, I have 2 young boys that are sweet and wild!  We live in northwest Arkansas where we spend a lot of time outside and on the go to sport and school activities.  

I keep busy doing the things that I love.  I became a registered Dental Hygienist in 2002 and worked full time until I had my first son.  I always loved makeup and could get lost for days in Sephora!  My dream was to create my own makeup line one day.  But, after finding Maskcara Cosmetics through Pinterest, I fell in love and realized the need to create my own line was simply not needed.  Try it for yourself and you’ll see why!  

A year or so after finding Maskcara, I decided to get my license to do permanent makeup.  After getting licensed I wanted to further my permanent makeup career and learn about microblading brows.  Since I was a follower of Cara’s blog I found out her sister taught Microblading.  This is where all the pieces started coming together!!  A week before I was due to head to Utah for training, Cara announced their new Artist Program through Maskcara Beauty.  I did not need to research, I did not need to know the cost, I just signed up.  Why?  Because this company is the epitome of goodness.  And the icing on the cake is that they also create an amazing makeup line that is gorgeous, affordable, easy to apply, and gives you this glow that you were meant to have.  So while in Utah, where the company was founded, I learned microblading and met some other wonderful women in this Maskcara journey.  And goodness has this been an incredible journey!  I’ve not only met wonderful fellow Artists but I’ve had the opportunity to meet some beautiful women who have allowed me to show them how easy the IIID Foundation can be and how gorgeous they truly are.   

You can tell how busy I am by reading this, and believe me, I want to take less time getting ready and more time with my family.  

With Maskcara I get to have both, and so can you!!

Maskcara Love,


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